Ndovu Lodge Selous


The lodge

At Ndovu Lodge we believe in providing good service to our guests. We pay attention to detail and your experience is most valued during your stay with us. We have made sure that guests are in a comfortable and secure environment. 

The founder

The lodge was built out of interest in nature and wildlife. The founder, Dr H.S. Kibola loved the bush so much that he wanted to make it his home but the busy city schedules of his work would not grant him his wish. This was not going to end his dream, he decided to build his get away sanctuary where he would go and relax while enjoying the splendor of nature. The roaring lions and laughing hyenas made him spell bound to the bush, the singing  birds and the whistling trees gave him lasting peace of mind.

Overtime he managed to build six en-suite chalets, a fully equipped kitchen, a restaurant, lounge, swimming pool and communal washrooms.

Ndovu Lodge Selous extends its warm welcome.

Karibu sana……¬†